A Floating Ghost…

This is one of our Families favorite Halloween Decorations. We usually make one for everyone and they decorate their rooms with them. :) Of course we make them on a smaller scale for the kids.
Here’s what you need…
1 Liter Pop Bottle,
Cheese Cloth,
Old Towel,
Scrap piece of felt,
Styrofoam ball (the white kind works better.)
Hair dyer (optional)
Wire (not pictured)
frame of cheesecloth ghost
 First thing you are going to do is cover your working area with your towel. The starch is easily washed out of a towel but it gets messy if you don’t cover up your area.
Then make you ghost form. I just shove the styrofoam ball on top of the bottle. (if you are using a green floral ball cover it with plastic wrap or something so you don’t get green fuzzies on your cheese cloth.)
I also use some wire to make arms…
Next, lay the cheese cloth over your ghost form. Spray it down with starch. I like to use a spray bottle so I can control how my starch I use. The more starch the stiffer your ghost.
Next you can use a hair dryer to help make the drying time faster. Since I live in AZ I just use the sun. :)
Dry the starch on cheesecloth
Cheesecloth Floating Ghost
Once it is completely dry, pull it off of your form and glue on some felt eyes.
Put together with other Halloween crafts

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