Tye Dye for Kids: Make Your Own T- shirt

Child readers, learn how to make your own t shirts can be a Tye dye fun way, the entire family is together. All you need is some cheap white t shirts, a few basic supplies and color to express their wishes. Before you know it, you and your child looks to you yanis ยท Joplin concert way back in 1968. Tie Dye supplies before you learn how to make a Tye dye your own t shirt, here are the supplies you need t shirts (you can also use the table, socks, or any other 60% at least cotton)
The rubber band
Spray bottle (for certain types of dyes)
Rubber gloves
Old bucket mix dyes
Salt (salt added dye that it sets and more colourful pattern)
Plastic bags
Soda (some dyes require you take soda before dyeing process for clothing)
Garbage bags
Towel how to shirt by washing and drying machine are tie dyed Tie Dye shirt #1 started a step. Step #2 at this stage, you should decide what kind of Tye dye pattern you try to achieve. Common patterns including circles, spirals, and stripes. #3 step settings outside the workplace as possible, because you are using any of the dye is permanently dyed fabric (or carpet) contacts. Use duct tape and garbage bags to protect your work surface. Step #4 mixed in according to the instructions on the box of your bucket of dye. If necessary, add soda ash. Add 1 cup of salt the color setting, and be sure to wear rubber gloves. Step #5 placed the dyed shirt on a flat work surface. Step #6 your hand in the center of the t shirts and lift it to air. Run your hand down short and get together. #7 lifted above the shirt, place a rubber band for the first time. At that time, every inch or two, place another rubber band, and it firmly around the shirt. When you’re done, length of the shirt should be wrapped in rubber bands. Step #8 the shirt in the dye and according to the directions on the box left. If you want to tote several colors, it is best to start with the lightest color. Each color dyed after the #9 step, removing the shirt and rinse off with warm and cooling water (if it says so, is on the dye box). According to the pattern you want, you might need to delete the first dye rubber bands. Always consult box, some dyes require rinsing before you wait 24 hours (while maintaining the shirt in the garbage bag). Step #10 your shirt when you Tye dye, make sure that you wash it separately in the cooling water in the head several times. In case of any dye bleeding, this will ensure that the other clothes dyeing and finishing. Now that you know how to make a Tye dye your own t shirt, you and your child can create colorful clothes in my backyard leisure activities had a great time. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because you may find a lot of interesting technology of spinning, dyeing and weaving.

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